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Enigma machine image from the National Cryptologic Museum. German WWII  U-Boat image from the Library of Congress

Opening in August:

What the Trout Said with current Fly Fishing technology displays including historic fly tying & fly fishing artifacts used by the world famous author on fly fishing, Datus C. Proper.

What the Trout Said

Permission to use the book tile by Datus C. Proper, What the Trout Said -  has been given to the American Computer Museum by Anna Collins-Proper


Man on the Moon

The Journey to Selfies, Texting, Tweets & Apps

NASA image

A World Premier Museum Exhibit Celebrating 50+ years of NASA space programs & how they made our Personal Tech & Social Networking possible. Featuring Original NASA Hardware including Apollo Moon Mission Program Items Never Before Displayed in Public.


Some of our Treasures of Innovation© on Display:

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